Monday, August 2, 2010

Workshop on Molecular Modelling and Drug Design


A week-long workshop on Molecular Modelling and Drug Design is being conducted at the Centre for Modelling, Simulation and Design (CMSD), UoH, from 2nd to 7th August 2010. This workshop is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology.

“The workshop is being attended by approximately 40 speakers and 100 participants from across India. 25% of these participants include faculty members from various academic institutions, 15% comprises of scientists from pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, 40% of the participants are PhD scholars and the remaining 20% are M-tech, B-tech and MSc students from UoH,” observed Dr. R.S. Rathore, Organiser of the workshop, Department of Biotechnology, UoH.

The workshop is designed in such a way that the participants would spend about 50% of time in learning the basic concepts of computational chemistry with emphasis on drug design and discovery. The other 50% of time would be spent in acquiring hands-on experience on useful chemistry tools applied in drug design and drug discovery.

The workshop is successfully bringing together an assortment of drug designing companies in the week to come. Some of these well known companies include Schrodinger Inc., ACD/Labs, Tripos etc.

“It is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for the participants to learn all the major tools in molecular modelling and drug design. I hope that the participants utilize this opportunity to the maximum extent,” said Prof. Reddanna Pallu, Organiser of the workshop, School of Life Sciences, UoH.

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