Friday, August 6, 2010

Candlelight march against flames in Valley


A good number of students of University of Hyderabad on Thursday night, held a candlelight peace march against the unabated violence in Kahsmir valley. Under the aegis of the Students Federation of India (SFI), they displayed placards and banners expressing their solidarity to the victims of violence.

The students silently walked in the campus until their final halt at the shopping complex. Addressing the gathering, Zameer, a Mphil. student from Kashmir, of Comparative Literature, observed that Kashmir has been under siege. He found fault with the authorities and blamed the police for not acting effectively. “Because of this inactiveness, the death toll is increasing every passing day,” Zameer said.

A student form Manipur, Suresh, who is currently doing his research on Armed Forces, made parallels between the Kashmir and North Eastern states. “Ongoing killings of civilians during protests and fake encounters have shattered the hearts of the old and young. Unrest is seen in both the places and death has become a common sight,” he maintained.

The students raised slogans such as “awaaz do hum ek hai,” before concluding the programme.

Students showing their solidarity
Photographed By Rahul


  1. Nice to see this report. Any way taking the privilage of being a senior, I would like to correct something. Sorry, Zameer is not a Phd Student, he is a Mphil student and in fact a Kashmiri.

  2. I hope this means that if there are events organized by other political groups on campus, they would be covered with equal zest, without any prejudice! Otherwise, we should stay away from covering political events.

  3. Thank you for pointing out the error Shareef. We really appreciate it. We got the facts according to a few sources. But as you are saying...we will surly look into the matter.

    Sir, we are making sure that we will cover other groups as well with equal zest. And try to be as neutral as possible.

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  5. Sir, I agree with your first opinion that all the groups should be covered with equal zest but am sorry I do not agree with the second alternative.... Students shouldn't stay away from covering political events.

    Arnima, thanks for the news , but I wanted to read more on this.... Has the editor worked hard on the copy?? will be looking forward to more news from you people and congrats for keeping the blog updated!

  6. Swati, thanks for your inputs.
    And working hard on the copy basically ment to be neutral and present the right fact. We are here just to report and keep the readers informed.
    So we hope to keep it up to all your expectations!