Friday, July 30, 2010

Messes to be opened by August 1

University officials addressing the protesters


Finally the UoH administration has declared that the messes on the campus would be opened by August 1.

Following a protest from students, the Cheif Warden B.S. Sarraju made an announcement in this regard on July 28. Protesting the administration’s dillydallying in opening the mess, a group of students led by Students’ Federation of India (SFI) gathered at shopping complex and took out a procession till the administration building. The agitating students submitted a representation to the Registrar Mr. Mohan Kumar and the Chief Warden.

“Classes commenced two weeks ago but you didn’t open the messes causing discomfort to the students,” the SFI’s HCU unit secretary Parameshwarudu said.

Mr. Sarraju, however, attributed the delay to the outstanding mess bills. According the official, students have to pay Rs.56, 81,334 to the administration. While girl students have to pay Rs.6, 48, 335, boys owe Rs.50, 32, 999 to the administration.

Students also demanded for more frequent transport services to the South campus. They questioned the rational behind keeping three people per room in the newly built J-hostel in the south campus. They demanded that only two students be put in every room.

Girls brought out the issue of water and sanitation at Ladies Hostel. They said the water they get to drink is saline. They also alleged that the administration is not taking the problems seriously despite receiving complaints several times.

Surprisingly, the mess at H and A hostel was opened on July 29, the day after the students’ protest.

Registrar Mr. Mohan Kumar made it clear that it would be impossible for the university to buy new busses and could only hire some in this case. He further said that a proper re-scheduling of the bus timings is required and will be seriously looked into. Reacting to series of cycle thefts on the campus, he said the students have to act responsibly and be alert.


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