Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramzan mess to be opened on the Campus

C. Jamsheel

A special mess is all set to be opened in UoH men’s hostel-C mess in accordance with Ramzan schedule.

Certain students of Muslim community of the UoH approached the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Seyed E. Hasnain, requesting him to open a special mess during Ramzan (August 13 to September 12). The Chief Warden, B. S. Sarraju, gave consent to open the Ramzan special mess after the Vice-Chancellor asked him to deal with the representation.

“Students have been demanding for a special mess to suit the Ramzan timings since long. Finally the authorities have given permission for opening the Ramzan special mess. Student Union and wellwishers helped us to make this happen,” said P. Mohammed, a representative of the students.

More than two hundred people, including students, teaching and non-teaching staff would observe fast during Ramzan in the campus. While university will provide mess hall , students have to hire crockery and a cook.

“Students are asked to pay Rs.1000 each in the initial stage. Food will be served both at Ifthar (the time of breaking the fast) and in the wee hours during the holy month. The students will take responsibilities of the day-to-day affairs of the mess,” added P. Mohammed.

The special mess will be opened on August 12 till the end of Ramzan.

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  1. Well, there should have been a attempt to find out what really happened with this issue, and do please cross check if there is really any such organization called MCS. Do not indulge in journalistic creativity...