Monday, August 2, 2010

BBC Hindi Holds Discussion


BBC Hindi Radio conducted a discussion at University of Hyderabad on July 28 on ‘the state of higher education in India today’. The discussion revolved around issues like infrastructure in colleges and universities, absenteeism among lecturers, adherence to examination schedules and India’s bright chances of becoming a global super power.

The discussion was attended by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Seyed E. Hasnain, deans of various departments and students. In his opening remarks, the VC said: “In the past few years, education was not given as much attention as it required in India. The number of colleges and universities in the country are inadequate. We do not have resources to set up enough colleges with appropriate infrastructure.”

Talking about the facilities being provided in UoH, a science student (nano-technology) observed that, “we have all the necessary facilities in the university and the labs are well equipped. In spite of this, I think that there is a need to encourage sciences among students because there seems to be a trend where everyone wants to do an MBA to earn more.”

Prof. Alok Pandey, Head of Department of Hindi, was of the opinion that India can become a super power only if it strives to progress through its national language. This opinion was contested by many students who believed that progress can be achieved by thinking and acting globally. “Striving for progress in one’s national language only means limiting the possibilities of becoming a super power. Working towards the progress of the country’s poorest man will help attain sustainable development,” a student observed.

Talking about absenteeism among lecturers in UoH, a few students complained that they often faced this problem. Majority of the participants, however, thought otherwise. Students also opined that the university strictly adheres to examination schedules regardless of any political disorder in the city.

“The question that one needs to answer now is whether Indian higher education is producing enough people to make it a super power? And I strongly believe it is.” commented Venkat Ramana, Dean of Management.

(This reporter is one among the participants of the BBC Hindi discussion).

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