Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girls undertake bucket struggle

Demanding a solution to the problem of water shortage, inmates from ladies hostels marched towards the administrative block with buckets and sticks and gheraoed the VC’s office on February 24, 2010. Irregular and inadequate water supply has been a major issue for the girls for some time now. Frequent complaints and several visits to the administrative and engineering department have served no purpose.
Bagmi Priyadarshini, an MPhil student said: “We are denied basic amenities which we have been assured both by the university and the UGC. The administration is not responding even after various complaints made to the warden and the DSW.”
In LH 5, with the tanks being situated at heights, water fills up in the end and finishes first. From February 17 to 19, there was no water in LH 5. A tanker of water was provided to the residents by the Department of Horticulture. The situation in LH 4 is worse, where half of its water goes to the food court.
V Venketesh, Junior Engineer of university electrical department said, “There is just one water connection to all the ladies hostels. There are proposals of a separate water connection for LH 5. After the VC and the Registrar approve, the work will start.”
The students had gone to report their concern to the DSW Prof. Rajashekhar with buckets and tooth brushes in their night clothes on February 21. They were assured of immediate action and regular water supply by Prof. Uma Maheshwari from the Amenities Maintenance.
Chief Warden Prof. B S Surraju said, “Already, separate bore well has been dug up behind LH 6, and there is another proposal to replace existing smaller water tanks with bigger ones. The proposals have been given, but it may take one month to buy those tanks. It is taking time as it has to go through various departments.”
“We are trying to ensure that the water flow is consistent. The main problem was that the plumbers were on strike for months. Also, girls keep the taps open when water is not there. Precious water, when made available with great difficulty, is wasted. We should create awareness to save water,” he opined
With the temperatures already soaring high and the administration cooling its heels, the upcoming months are sure to prove extremely tough for the girls.

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