Monday, September 21, 2009

UoH celebrates Telangana liberation day

By Ashok Putta and Vishwanath C

Telangana Association of students and employees at the University of Hyderabad celebrated Telangana liberation day with revolutionary zeal here on September 17.

At a specially-convened programme at the Shopping Complex, activists of the Telangana Students Association, Telangana Forum and Telangana Employees Teaching and Non- Teaching Association paid rich homage to the martyrs, who laid their lives in the fight against the draconian Nizam’s army.

Visually challenged students from Integrated MA, Ch Harish Kumar, V Madhavulu, Jaya Ram, Anil Reddy, Yella Reddy and Venkatesh hoisted the flag to mark the occasion. The balladeer Yashpal enthralled people with his songs and dances.

Yashpal also explained as to how people of other parts of the state “are dominating” the Telangana region. “They took away our valuable lands and assets and on top of it they demean our Telangana language,” he said adding that political parties had been exploiting the Telangana issue only to derive political mileage. Telangana Students Association founder Silveru Harinath and others took part in this programme.

Telangana movement, known as 'Telangana peasants' armed struggle,' had witnessed a fierce battle between revolutionaries and Nizam’s army called Razakars. Following the martyrdom of more than 4,000 people, Telangana got liberated from the Nizam’s clutches on September 17, 1948, thirteen months after India had attained freedom from the British Raj.

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  1. It's happy to see the spirit of Telangana people activism on our campus. Though Telangana issue as an electoral matter received set back, due to various reasons in the 2009 general elections to Parliament and State Assembly.

    The zeal to get second liberation to Telangana, by making it a separate state in the Indian Union is clearly witnessed in the Celebrations.

    I wish this zeal may definitely realize their aspiration in the years to come, by politically turning required factors positive!