Monday, September 7, 2009


A paradox of democracy at

University of Hyderabad

It has been quite an election right from the beginning. We have to thank you, the angry protestor, for enriching our understanding of the whole shebang. Had you not been there, to correctly point out to us how foolish we were to assume that we could simply waltz in wherever we felt like and report stuff, we couldn’t have possibly understood the extent of our misconception.

We’re really sorry if we ever thought that we lived in a free and democratic campus where we didn’t need ‘permission’ to talk to people and ask them about their opinions, that this was a place where people came together for the pursuit of intellect and free exchange of ideas. It's obviously our fault and we therefore deserve all your chagrin like trying to snatch our cameras, accusing us of taking sides and getting us barred from the election premises.

You’re right; we’re not the ‘real’ press. Trust us; you should be glad we’re not. They’d never quite see the logical soundness of your brilliant argument. It's not their fault. They actually believe that every Indian citizen has a fundamental right to free speech and expression. We’re just students; trying to give the campus a comprehensive news source to the best of our abilities. We’re not keen on conducting political espionage or trying to mislead students.

However, also know that we’re not superhuman. We can’t possibly atone for crimes we haven’t committed yet. Therefore when you accuse us of being pro or anti anything, we’d like you to actually read our coverage before you do it. How can we possibly feel suitably repentant if you lash out us preemptively?

Now that you’re here, go ahead, mark out every little thing that you feel is wrong or biased and post a comment about it. We’ll read patiently and account for it as best as we can. That’s what we do in a democratic society; provided we’re still living in one, of course.

Yours Sincerely,

UoH Dispatch Team


  1. I am happy to know the commendable work of the Dept of Communication, UoH students activism in covering the Students' Union Elections, like a political journalists/reporters.

    The attacks and or comments are so sad on the fellow students. All this is happing due to misunderstanding, if it is true. People, indulged in protests from ABVP-ASA-DSU & NSUI are assuming strongly the UoH Dispatch Team as spys of SFI. So, it is the responsibility of UoH Dispatch Team to dispel such notions, as early as possible.

    All the best to the Team.

    Santhi Swaroop Sirapangi,
    M.Phil Political Science,
    General Secretary,
    Dalit Students' Union,
    University of Hyderabad.

  2. @Sirapangi Santhi Swaroop

    Thanks for the comment. We're glad the editorial made our stand clear. We don't take objection to people pointing out subectivty in our coverage should there be evidence of it anywhere. Feedback and crtisism is more than welcome.

    We are however very opposed to being prematurely accused of bias even before we publish our reports and being harrased for it. The members of Dispatch as thinking individuals who're entitled to hold their political allegiances whether they be left,right or centre and no one can question their right to hold them.

    Having said that, we can also asuure that our personal opinions or ideologies do not interfere with our work. The dispatch as a paper and a blog strives to be objective and non-partisan.