Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A note from CASH

(On Behalf of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment)

Dear All,

University of Hyderabad Committee Against Sexual Harassment proposes to conduct a competition for students and research scholars in designing posters, slogans and cartoons against sexual harassment. This is intended to raise awareness about gender sensitivity and sexual harassment among students and to get inputs from the students. Students can choose any idea/issue related to gender sensitisation or/and sexual harassment for their entries. These entries can be in the form of posters, slogans and cartoons and can include pictures, photographs and information about the related laws. The entries, either soft copies or hard copies can be sent to any of the following on or before 1st October 2012. Please click on the link below for the complete announcement:


With regards,
Suneetha Rani.
Chairperson, CASH.

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