Saturday, February 5, 2011

Numaish unveils India

Rajita Godasu

Want to shop for Kashmiri jewellery along with Rajasthani bandinis? Would you like to go for a joy ride on Giant Wheel and then satisfy your tummy with yummy Hyderabadi Biryani? Then the perfect adda to fulfill the above wishes would the 71st All India Industrial Exhibition a.k.a Numaish.

Numaish was first started by the Nizams in the year 1938 with only 50 shops. The idea was to introduce different kinds of goods from different states of India to the people of Hyderabad. After a decade, it was renamed as All India Industrial Exhibition.

More than 150 stalls in the exhibition are occupied by cloth merchants from all over the country. One can get colorfully dyed Rajasthani bandinis to delicately crafted Lucknow Chicken veils, from Kashmiri shawls to South Indian silks. Akram Khan of Lucknow who has been participating in the exhibition from last 30 years said “there are nearly 70 varieties of Lucknow veils and we bring them all for sale and one cannot find these unique varieties anywhere in Hyderabad.”

Be it food, clothes, jewellery, accessories, Kashmiri stalls occupy the major share. The jewellery and dry fruits of Kashmir are the major attraction among the visitors. “The speciality about Kashmiri jewellery is that all of them are handmade and mostly by the metal beads” says Abdul Khan of Kashmir Jewellery den.

The food lovers have number of options to satisfy their taste buds with chats, kebabs, biryanis, desserts, ice-creams and lot more. “Whenever I come to the exhibition I can’t resist those cotton candies and can’t go without having at least three” says Anmol a class 8 student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Golconda 1.

All the credit for conducting Numaish from last 70 years goes to the exhibition society. According to Mr. N. Vinay Kumar, honorary secretary of the committee, the money generated from the exhibition goes to the education of the girl children who study in their colleges and schools. The former vice- president of the exhibition committee, Mr. Satish Naik says “the reason behind conducting Numaish is to encourage the entrepreneurship and also to bring the people of Hyderabad to a single place to enjoy themselves”.

The exhibition closes on February 15.

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