Friday, October 15, 2010

SFI-ASA sweeps UoH students’ union election

The Students Federation of India (SFI) and Ambedkar Student’s Association (ASA) bagged all the major posts in the 2010-2011 students’ union election held on Wednesday. It was a convincing victory as the alliance candidates won all the union office – bearer seats by a margin of more than 900 votes against the candidates of Akhil Bharathiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP), which won the elections last year. The margin of win, SFI – ASA claimed, was a “record” in the history of the University.

Mukesh Kumar was elected president polling 1761 votes, while Nagesh G. was elected as the general secretary polling 1677 votes. Shyam Krishna won as the joint secretary with 1820 votes, the highest any candidate got in this election. The cultural secretary elect is Indira Priyanka who secured 1603 votes and, Uday Kumar G. polled 1748 votes to win as the sports secretary.

Earlier Ramesh Naik was elected unopposed to the post of vice – president, as the opposing candidate’s nomination got rejected during the scrutiny.


  1. This post seems to be giving a sort of information, but not any analysis. I think, our journalism students should go ahead and concentrate on analysis part also, without restricting simply to providing lay information. Same time, I do aware, that primarily you are focusing to report to media type of training by maintaining this blog. But, if you can concentrate on analysis part, on par with editorial it would be nice.The Politically interested students among you can do this.

    One of the analysis part in elections would be: why many blank votes are polled? What are the reasons behind this act?, etc

  2. @ Santhi Swaroop
    Your comment has been duly taken note of. We are planning to give our opinions and analysis on the elections in the print version of UoH Dispatch coming out soon. Kindly read that too.
    We look forward for further suggestions and views from you.
    Thank You.