Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Newsroom of Eenadu, Hyderabad

By P Kalishekar and Donnipad Sandeep

Eenadu is the largest circulated daily in Andhra Pradesh, established in 1974 by Ramoji Rao, a famous industrialist from Coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Today Eenadu group is doing business (especially media related) in publishing Eenadu paper, magazines like Chatura (monthly magazine), Vipula (monthly) and Annadhata (a farmer or agricultural oriented monthly magazine, simply agri-journal), all comes under print media.

Among above mentioned magazines, Chatura and Vipula are mainly intended to attract women readers. They consist of stories, folk tales from famous works of popular authors. They presently cost around Rs. 10 each. Annadhata gives knowledge regarding agricultural practices especially intended to farmers.

The details of work system and organizational structure of Eenadu paper:

Head office of Eenadu is situated in Hyderabad. It has 23 branches in Andhra Pradesh – one branch per district. The collection of news is like a pyramid. The head office has its branches in each district which further have zones. The zones are divided into mandals and mandals into villages.

Every paper will have two arms: 1) News gathering 2) Editing and Printing

News flow: Villages and Mandals---Zones---Disrtrict---State head office

For every mandal there will a reporter who collects the news from all villages in that mandal. First the news is collected in the villages and mandals by local (mandal) reporters. This is sent to zonal in charge, who edits and refines it before it like reaches the district head quarters, from where it finally reaches the state head quarters after through editing and refinement (correcting and deleting wastes). The state head quarters will take the material (news) it wants and sends back the unwanted news to the district head quarters. This arrangement enables them to print important district news (in brief) in common main paper (which appears same all over the state). Very important district news will again be printed in district edition also but comprehensively, in district paper they also give the news specific to that district.

The district head office

Every district head office will have the bureau, which is the meeting place of all mandal reporters. The gathered news reaches from bureau to desk where there will be sub editors and news editor. Sub editors will do necessary corrections to the news editor will take decisions like finalizing or changing the news. From here the important news reaches state head quarters.

State head quarters

It consists of bereau of specialized reporters like politics, sports, agriculture, and education etc, city reporters. It will have a desk that comprises sub editors and news editor. Their duty is same as their counterparts in district head quarters. The state head office receives the news from district head office and other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and their national and international reporters. The head office will send the important A.P state related news to four important city head office to publish. Four important city centres will publish national, international, important A.P news, local city news, news of the state in which they located. They receive important A.P news from the head quarters in Hyderabad.

Eenadu like other news papers buys the news and photos from

1) United News of India ( UNI )

2) Press Trust of India ( PTI )

3) India Abroad Service

4) Reuters

The head office consists of desks like Sports, Political, Research and Reference (called Guna), Film, Financial or Business, General, Regional, International etc. As the information is confidential, they told that they have more than ten desks (approximately). Each desk consists of eight to ten members not more than that.

Research and Reference desk: It is a data bank which preserves previous papers in electronic form. It consists of nearly ten members most of them from library science background and few are subject experts.

In any organization business is called front office, business and news room together called front shop. Printing and response together called back shop. Printing is called back office. The printing centre in Hyderabad is located at Musa Pet.

More over Eenadu has nineteen printing centres all over Andhra Pradesh and four printing centres in four important cities of India. Eenadu paper is published from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Anantapur, Karimnagar, Rajahmundry, Suryapet, Guntur, Nellore, Srikakulam, Kurnool, Tadepalligudem, Warangal, Kadapa, Nizamabad, Khammam, Ongole, Mahaboobnagar, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.

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